Selling with 2nd Cents, Inc.

Robert Zjaba 2nd Cents Cleveland Auctioneer

Why sell with 2nd Cents?

  • Liquidations are not easy, we understand the motivating factors and are willing to work with each customer to make sure your needs are met

  • The resale market is diverse, we take this into consideration when marketing and selling items

  • We have more options at our disposal to liquidate assets; including our large warehouse, portable equipment to come to your location, and online sales and bidding

  • Holding auctions often means we can sell your items faster, getting items out of your hair and cash into your pockets!

  • We typically do not charge fees upfront, any associated costs come from your proceeds2nd Cents Cleveland Auction

  • We offer flexible consignment rates that factor in the value of the items to be sold and the amount of work required



                         Contact us! [email protected] or 216-769-9714